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  Due to the influence of the new coronavirus, we have been conducting BBI regular activities online, which are usually held at the community hall ("Kuminkan"). But since March of this year, we have gradually resumed activities at the community hall.
Please refer to [Schedule&Venue] in the upper tab (title bar) for the schedule.


  The table below shows the groups that make up the BBI and the level of English that each group expects from its participants.
Usually, those who mainly aim to improve their English conversation skills are enrolled in "Basic English" and "Oral Communication" group. These groups welcome natives as assistants or instructors.
On the other hand, Intermediate and advanced level participants enjoy discussions on various current affairs while improving their English conversation skills.

  There are also groups aimed at acquiring specialized knowledge, such as acquiring Spanish, medical knowledge and business know-how. In particular, the CCC Group holds meetings online (Zoom) on weekday (Thursday) nights with the aim of promoting cross-cultural exchange with people from overseas.

  If you are joining for the first time, please see the activities of each group in the following list (or "Group Introduction" menu on the right side). And,if there's a group you'd like to join, please click [for Newcomer] tab to apply.

Group type Group name (abbreviation) Date/time English level detail
  Basic English(BE) Sat. 15:00-17:00beginner
  Oral Communication VIntermediate
  Pep and LoftyiPAL) VV
  Business English for Everyone
Vbeginner to advanced
  AtoZ2.0 Vintermediate to advanced
  International Relations(IR) Vadvanced
  Subgroup   General MedicineiGM) Sat.13:45-14:45 intermediate
  Spanish with English
  Cross-Cultural Communication
beginner to advanced

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